The Principle Foundation is a benevolent avenue through which Christian Scientists help themselves and others practice Christianity.

History of the Foundation
" Jesus went about doing good." This phrase from Acts has served to inspire The Principle Foundation (TPF) since its beginning in 1958. The founder of TPF, Walter LaSalle was blessed when he turned to God through Christian Science. After quickly overcoming a physical challenge that his doctor had declared incurable, Mr. LaSalle immediately wanted to know how he could give back to the Christian Science community in Kansas City. A Christian Science Teacher encouraged Mr. LaSalle to help church members who needed assistance. Mr. LaSalle began to offer humanitarian care to individuals in his local church community. Gradually, his activities expanded to include temporary financial assistance administered with wisdom and compassion. By stabilizing the immediate need, Mr. LaSalle supported individual demonstration of God's control in human experience. Several friends and acquaintances observed the value of such work and they joined him in forming The LaSalle Foundation.

As the expression of love grew and the field of labor expanded, the administration of The LaSalle Foundation was turned over to a Board of Directors and the name was changed to The Principle Foundation. Today, TPF responds to nationwide requests for assistance through Local Committees and the National Office in Kansas City, Missouri. The Foundation only provides financial assistance to Christian Scientists residing in the United States of America.

What is The Principle Foundation doing today?

The Foundation helps individual Christian Scientists who are sincere in their expectation of healing through the practice of Christian Science by:

  • Providing appropriate financial support that stabilizes the immediate need
  • Evaluating an individual's own resources and the steps they need to take in order to promote individual financial responsibility
  • Encouraging individuals to awaken thought from limited beliefs to the spiritual facts regarding any situation
  • Providing a platform for giving which strengthens a sense of church community

Responding to Requests
When the Foundation receives a request, it makes initial contact with the individual within 24 hours. The Principle Foundation evaluates the situation in order to determine the most appropriate form of assistance. The Foundation defines appropriate assistance as temporary aid that supports an individual's effort to solve the problem through spiritual healing. If financial assistance is determined to be the most appropriate form of assistance a grant is provided to the individual. The Foundation does not issue loans.

Responsibility to the Manual of the Mother Church:
The work of The Principle Foundation does not change the obligations of Christian Scientists to The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and its Church Manual - based activities, and we do not seek to replace the Christian activities of branch Churches.
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