“I will go before thee,
and make the crooked
places straight:...”
—Isaiah 45:2

“Trust in God, and ‘He
shall direct thy paths.’”
—Mary Baker Eddy

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Spring Mailing

2016 Spring Mailing

Each spring and fall we mail an inspirational letter to friends on our mailing list.

Our mailings are intended to remind you that we’re here to help.

We hope that you find inspiration in them and join with us in prayerfully acknowledging God’s bountiful provision for all mankind.

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National Fund for Christian Science Nursing

A new nationwide benevolence fund is available to assist in paying for Christian Science nursing care.


Grants cover Christian Science nursing care in your own residence or in a Christian Science nursing facility. Assistance is also available to help with Christian Science practitioner fees while receiving Christian Science nursing care. While the NFCSN may not cover all costs, it is given as an aid to support your progress in the demonstration of Christian Science.

The online application and much more information are available at the NFCSN website,