"...blessed is that man who seeth his brother's need and supplieth it,..."
—Mary Baker Eddy



The Houston Local Committee of The Principle Foundation is pleased to welcome you to an online talk by Madelon Maupin.

The Bible and Benevolence:
Giving and receiving in perfect balance

The Bible is brimming with stories, examples, and ideas about spiritually- impelled giving . . . and receiving. From the patriarchs to the apostles, God-guided individuals have been led to give generously to others, reflecting His abundance.

In this lively online talk, Bible student and speaker Madelon Maupin explores Biblical texts and stories about the importance of inspired giving and its balancing counterpart — inspired receiving!


Replay Information

Available until: Mar 10, 2023

Click here for Bruce's overview of
The Principle Foundation (6:28)

Click here for part 1 of Madelon's talk on
The Bible and Benevolence (47:08)

Click here for part 2 of Madelon's talk on
The Bible and Benevolence (31:18)


About our speaker

Madelon Madelon Maupin holds a Masters's degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary and provides Bible study resources such as online courses, workbooks, CD's and MP3 recordings on over two dozen Biblical books. She lectured for Princess Cruises as Cultural Historian throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and led groups to Turkey, Greece, Jordan and Israel. Madelon served on the Board of Trustees for the launch of the New Theological Seminary of the West in Southern California, has been active in the Southern California Faith and Order Commission, and served on the National Ecumenical Team of her Church. She is a frequent contributor to both the weekly and monthly magazines on the Bible and spirituality, having published some 70+ articles.