Thanks to your “token of love” that was sent to me, I was able to meet my financial obligations completely! Not only was I grateful for the financial support but also the letter that was sent with the check. I read it over and over taking in its message, and it renewed my efforts to complete the demonstration on my own.

After further praying, I was led to several “awakenings.” I realized a bill, (a yearly car registration), I thought I had to pay, was for a car I had gotten rid of months ago and not the one I have now. Then when I wet to get the work done on my car, they had ordered the wrong part which meant that I had to make another appointment, so they took off some of the charges for my inconvenience. I was also led to go on the internet where I found a coupon which was applied to the charge.

After everything was taken into account, the final bill was one dollar less than the amount was for the check you sent me. So the demonstration was complete! Thank you again for all you do.