I am writing to express my gratitude for helping me with the CS Practitioners fees. When I contacted the Principle Foundation, I was in dire need of financial assistance. I was experiencing many physical challenges that seemed to overwhelm me. Fortunately, the CS Practitioner arrested that thought and worked me with patiently to see me through recovery.

I have completed 43 credits to obtain my college degree. This has been a lifelong goal of mine that always seemed out of reach.

In addition, family problems were worked out and my older brother asked me if I would consider coming back to work as he really needed my help. I was able to overcome long held animosity over past treatment by praying to see my brother as the perfect idea of a perfect God. My sales have gone through the roof and I closed my first sale last week.

Thank you Principle Foundation, for taking a huge burden off of me to help when I seemed to be so desperate.