— What we do —



To support individuals in their practice of Christian Science, The Principle Foundation offers immediate aid in the form of grants to assist with short-term financial needs.

Who we can fund

We believe that everyone deserves health, happiness, and success. The means by which one pursues these goals is an individual choice.

The Principle Foundation is a grant-making institution that exists to support the choice to rely on Christian Science.

Eligible grant recipients are:

What we fund

The Principle Foundation may offer a one-time grant in support of essential needs such as:

  • food
  • rent or mortgage
  • utilities
  • emergencies such as auto repairs and disaster relief

We may also fund select Church Manual-based activities:

“Christian Science demonstrates that the patient who pays whatever he is able to pay for being healed, is more apt to recover than he who withholds a slight equivalent for health.”

— Miscellaneous Writings

  • Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner fees (up to 50%)
  • Christian Science visiting nurse fees (including supplies and equipment)

Please contact us if you have questions about whether we support a particular type of request.

What we do not fund

The Principle Foundation does not fund expenses that do not promote employment, safety, liberty, and reliance God-ward.

The Principle Foundation does not fund expenses associated with education such as tuition or travel or expenses incurred while a student (food, rent transportation, etc.)

Important activites that we have previously funded but no longer support financially are:

  • Education expenses including Christian Science nurses training, Primary Class Instruction, and Association
  • Christian Science nursing facility fees
  • Christian Science enrichment activities including summits, conferences, and camps

What we fund evolves with prayerful consideration of our mission and our place within the Christian Science community. We continually turn to God for direction, knowing that every right idea is accompanied by the supply that supports and sustains it.