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The Principle Foundation exists because of a human need. A need to receive? No; a need to give! (See our history.)

Meeting this basic Christian need to give is fundamental to our mission of “promoting inspired benevolence,” and is the impetus behind our local committees.

What do committees do?

The primary work of the committees is metaphysical, often focused on the divine economy, supply, abundance, benevolence, etc.

Committees handle requests for assistance that come to the national office from the regions where they serve.

Committees help make The Principle Foundation known to the community. Sometimes they host Bible workshops to help spread the word and uplift thought.

What’s needed to start a committee?

A committee is composed of a minimum of three Christian Scientists who are members of The Mother Church and a local branch church or society and who are willing to fill the following officer roles:

  • Administrator. The main point of contact in handling benevolence cases.
  • Chair. Directs the committee’s activities.
  • Treasurer. Handles the committee’s finances.
  • Secretary. Handles the committee’s minutes and correspondence.

The national office assists new committees with seed money.

For more information about joining a committee or starting one in a new region, please contact us.