“...God anointed
Jesus of Nazareth with
the Holy Ghost and
with power: who went
about doing good,...”
—Acts 10:38

“...blessed is that man
who seeth his brother’s
need and supplieth it,
seeking his own
in another’s good.”
—Mary Baker Eddy

— Who we are —



While the precise form of our work has evolved over the last 50 years, the initial seed planted in 1958 by Kansas City businessman, Walter C. LaSalle, continues to grow and prosper.

The Work of Walter LaSalle

Walter LaSalle

Not a Christian Scientist himself, Walter LaSalle, was attracted to Christian Science by the joyful and successful manner in which Christian Scientists lived their lives. This observation led him to turn to Christian Science in a time of illness, after his doctor declared he could do nothing more for him. LaSalle was quickly healed.

Grateful for his healing, LaSalle wanted a way to give back to Christian Science. This desire to give was answered when a Christian Science teacher encouraged him to help some branch church workers needing humanitarian assistance. Gradually, LaSalle’s humanitarian activity expanded to include temporary financial assistance for a variety of needs, administered with wisdom and compassion. Several friends and acquaintances observed the value of such work, and they joined him in forming The LaSalle Foundation.

From the beginning, benevolence was given with consideration for each individual situation. LaSalle did not apply formulas or rigid criteria in judging needs. He looked for opportunities to help without encroaching on another’s freedom and responsibility to meet his own challenges.

Growing into "The Principle Foundation"

In 1967, the administration of The LaSalle Foundation was turned over to a Board of Directors, and the name was changed to The Principle Foundation.

In 1983, the Board hired a full-time Executive Director and established a permanent national office in Kansas City, Missouri. Building on the example of Burwell Harrison, a Christian Scientist whose approach to organizations and management was metaphysical, the Foundation moved in a decidely metaphysical direction.

Interest in the benevolent activities of The Principle Foundation spread, leading to the formation of regional committees in St. Louis, Dallas, and western Washington.

The Principle Foundation Today

A Christianly Scientific approach to all aspects of the work remain fundamental to The Principle Foundation.

Still headquartered in downtown Kansas City and under the governance of a Board of Directors, the day-to-day operation of the Foundation is carried out by five full-time staff members. Interest in forming local committees has expanded to include more than 25 states served by one or more volunteer committees. Working together, the staff and committees respond to requests from Christian Scientists for financial assistance.

Continuing in the tradition of Walter LaSalle, we still consider each case individually, without applications or checklists. We strive to discern the real need while beholding “the perfect man.” And it is always our goal to help and aid healing regardless of whether a grant is given.