“Love, redolent with unselfishness, bathes all in beauty and light.”
—Mary Baker Eddy

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart”
—Proverbs 3:5

— What we do —



In support of local efforts, The Principle Foundation staff is working from home. We have adapted our grant procedures to better facilitate the process.

How to Apply for a Grant

The application process for a Disaster Relief (Economic Interruption) grant is as follows:

  1. The first step is always to pray for oneself and the world.
  2. Click on THIS LINK to complete a short online application.*
  3. If The Mother Church does not have your correct name and address, please call The Mother Church at 617-450-2000 or email the Manager of Membership Records at to update your contact information. This will expedite the process when we verify TMC membership.
  4. Within two business days, we will contact you for a brief phone interview.
  5. After the phone interview, we should have a grant decision for you within two business days.
  6. If a grant is awarded, we prefer to make payment by direct deposit (ACH), and we ask that the recipient submit banking information online whenever possible. ACH deposits typically post to the receiving bank in 2‑4 business days.*

*If you do not have access to a computer, please call us at 816‑561‑5955 so we can take your information over the phone.

How to Help

The Principle Foundation is making its Disaster Relief Fund available to address this unusual economic situation.

To help us wisely manage the resources entrusted to us, Disaster Relief moneys not used for this specific purpose may be moved into the General Fund after two years so that they may be used to assist Christian Scientists with other needs.

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