“I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid:”
—Leviticus 26:6

“...We know that Love will guide us,
And safely lead us home.”
—Frederic W. Root

— What we do —



When natural disasters occur, many individuals are eager to help. The Principle Foundation provides a quick and reliable avenue for getting assistance to individuals who need it.

When we become aware of an event, our first communication is with the Christian Science Committee(s) on Publication for the impacted region. When appropriate, we follow up with letters to the local churches, including desk announcements and flyers that inform Christian Scientists of The Principle Foundation’s readiness to help.

Our grant process is quick and simple—there is no written application or lengthy review process; we only require a phone call from the individual requesting aid.

We can assist with such needs as temporary housing, transportation, insurance deductibles, repairs, replacement of essentials, and the like.